Caught this story from Politico today, and it paints Huck’s appeal as being, well, that of a hyper-religious liberal.

From the story…

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Rep. Bob Inglis is a staunch social conservative who opposes gay marriage and abortion and believes the concept of intelligent design should be taught in public schools along with evolution.

But that’s not what’s driving his support for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in South Carolina’s Jan. 19 primary — giving a glimpse into Huckabee’s unorthodox strategy for translating his Iowa momentum into success in Dixie.

Inglis, a South Carolina Republican, said that despite being wooed by all the leading GOP presidential candidates, he went with Huckabee because of his emphasis on more consumer-friendly issues like health care, federal arts funding, climate change and other topics that would appeal to broad group of voters, not just traditional social and Christian conservatives.

“It’s probably not what people would have expected out of a Baptist preacher from Arkansas,” Inglis said in an interview. “He’s a conservative who’s focused on the future, and rooted in principle and experience. It’s the reason people are taking a look.”

Arts funding? Could Huckabee’s support signal a new way in the conservative Christian movement?

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