Okay Paulites, I know you want to win the GOP nomination and reshape the Republican party. And trust me, I hope that happens. But with Huckabee pulling into the lead in Iowa, and so many other candidates fragmenting the field in early primary states, the likelihood of Paul winning is getting less and less with each passing week. And let’s not forget how intense the opposition is within the GOP to Paul’s anti-war stance.

Then let’s consider that we now know that Paul is polling at 8% nationally if he goes Libertarian.

So then, this question is very simple: Do you want to see Paul in the 2008 presidential debates?

If you do, Paul needs to go 3rd party. He may not win going this route, but both you and I know that this is the best way to get his message out there. And if he’s polling at 8% now, when the rest of the country hears his message, he’ll pull into double digits. That’s enough to get him in the debates.

Think about it.

A lot of comments focus on the fact that running on a 3rd party ticket would have the exact opposite effect and get Ron Paul excluded from the debates. Well, sorry folks, but Paul is going to lose the GOP nomination, and that will make absolutely sure he’ll never be in the debates.

On the other hand…remember that guy Perot? He was in the debates and he had the type of voracious support Paul has. He pulled people from both parties. Sound familiar?

Also, if you think just because Paul raises a bunch of money he’s going to win the GOP nomination, you’re fooling yourself. The money gets him media attention. Some GOP support will follow, but with such a fragmented field it’s going to be impossible for him to siphon voters from other GOP candidates, especially since the war is such a big issue with Republicans. His message simply doesn’t resonate with a majority of Republicans, and the sooner you all realize this the sooner you’ll see that Paul’s only real option to change ANYTHING is to make an independent run.

Thanks for the comments.

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