He’s moderate on social issues and they don’t like that.

From msnbc:

DUBUQUE, IA — It’s no secret that Iowa Christian Alliance president Steve Scheffler isn’t a Rudy fan. But tonight, within spitting distance of Giuliani’s rival GOP candidate Romney, Scheffler explicitly urged Iowa Christians to oppose Giuliani in the race for the nomination. “If our party nominates this guy,” he told a crowd at a Dubuque gathering of the ICA, “we will see a bloodbath at the polls like we’ve never seen before.”

Scheffler went on to slam Giuliani’s position on same-sex marriage, life issues and gun rights. “Rudy Giuliani cannot be elected,” he said, citing the ex-mayor’s differences with social conservatives. “We cannot afford to nominate somebody who’s out of touch with the base.”

Surprising? Nope, but can the religious right really trust Romney either? Not that this is big news, but this is THE reason we’re seeing Huckabee getting so much buzz. They want an overtly religious candidate. Unfortunately the other side of the base does not.

Bloodbath indeed.

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