But let me state right now that this isn’t Hillary’s fault. She just did what she thought was right and reporters trumpeted it.

Politico beats up on her unfairly with the title, “Clinton seizes opportunity after crisis“:

And as soon as it ended, Clinton took full advantage of the opportunity she had unexpectedly been handed.

In her New Hampshire press conference, she stood before a column of police in green and tan uniforms. She talked of meeting with hostages. She mentioned that she spoke to the state’s governor about eight minutes after the incident began.

Took full advantage? Well, if holding a press conference to talk about your employees being held hostage is taking full advantage, then yes, she wrestled the opportunity to the ground and had her way with it.

The blogosphere is having a field day with this one, and rightly so, but Hillary shouldn’t get the blame for what reporters said about her.

In the end, I guess people have to have something to write about on a slow Saturday.

Politics Media Overemphasizes Hillary's Leadership In Hostage Crisis