Glad to see they came to their senses.

From Wash Post:

Virginia Republican leaders decided yesterday to scrap plans to require voters to sign a loyalty pledge before they cast their ballots in the Feb. 12 presidential primary.

The decision by the 86-member Virginia Republican State Central Committee, meeting in Crystal City, came after a public outcry over the pledge and mounting concern among party leaders that it could drive independents and moderate Republicans away from GOP candidates.

“We have heard the voice of the people,” said John H. Hager, the state party chairman. “It’s a new day, and our job has to be to build the party. We welcome new people into the party. We want as many people as possible participating if they share our principles and values.”

I find those last two lines kind of telling though. They’ll welcome you into the party if you share their principles and values.

Yep, sounds remarkably inclusive.

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