He’s on track to vault over his $12 million goal, and that could seriously outpace all of his GOP rivals, including the deep-pocketed Romney.

Add to this the fact that the Ron Paul Blimp idea apparently reached its $350K goal and the craft is set to launch on Dec. 10th for a month long tour of the nation. That website is now even raising money for advertising time on the blimp.

From Politico:

Ron Paul may not win his party’s primary, but he is on track to capture another big title: top Republican fundraiser for the final quarter of the money-obsessed 2008 presidential primary.

In the first two months of the quarter that began Oct. 1, Paul already has raised more than $9.75 million, putting him easily within range to best the amount rival Mitt Romney received from donors during the entire third quarter.

The Texas congressman has set a goal of raising $12 million before the fourth quarter’s Dec. 31 deadline, a sum New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani couldn’t achieve in the third quarter when fundraising events still dominated his schedule.

I still think the Dec 16th moneybomb has the potential to be big for Paul, but not anywhere close to the $10 million they want to raise. As of now there are almost 23,000 pledges on the site, but you “pledge” by signing up for updates. Folks, I signed up for updates, but I’m not giving Paul any of my money. How many of those 23K are curious spectators given how popular the previous moneybomb was?

I guess we’ll see in a little over two weeks.

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