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Why Huckabee? Why Obama?


Andrew Sullivan nails it…

The key is that the old red-blue, right-left boomer paradigm is fading; Obama offers exhausted Republicans a way out: a Democrat they can vote for. Many do not actually like the party they have become, and want to move forward into a less nasty, cramped and vicious direction. That’s why Huckabee is rising too.

What do they have in common? Huckabee is a conservative whose character appeals to liberals; Obama is a liberal whose temperament appeals to conservatives. Both represent a deep desire to get past the hideous, nasty polarization of the last few years. Obama doesn’t despise conservatives the way Clinton does. Huckabee doesn’t repell Democrats the way Giuliani and Romney do.

Could we see those two in the general election? I have my doubts about Huck’s viability, but it would be an interesting match up.

Strangers things have happened…