The 20/20 journo talks with RP about his stances on drugs and prostitution:

“I think the government’s role should not be involved in personal habits. When you defend freedom, you defend freedom of choice, and you can’t be picking and choosing how people use those freedoms… whether it’s personal behavior or economic behavior, I want people to have freedom of choice,” Paul asserted. […]

Paul said we shouldn’t treat addicts as criminals.

“We treat ’em as criminals rather than sick people, we have pushed a lot of people into prostitution. So prostitution is related to the mistakes we’ve made in the drug war.”

Agreed all around. We’re wasting our time, money and jail space on an impossible goal.

Remember, we tried to fight alcohol once and we all know how that turned out. More crime and more alcohol consumption. Why should we think other narcotics are any different?

Watch the interview here.

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