Folks, this isn’t just an Iowa phenomenon. A number of national polls show Huckabee on top and this latest Rasmussen poll from Michigan shows him in a dead heat with Giuliani and Romney:

Mike Huckabee’s surging campaign has created a three-way toss-up in Michigan’s Republican Primary. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Huckabee earning 21% of the vote. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the son of a former Michigan Governor, attracts 20% support while former New York City Mayor is the top choice for 19% of Likely Republican Primary Voters.

And how about other primaries?

Currently, Huckabee has a slight edge over Romney in Iowa while Romney has the advantage in New Hampshire. Huckabee leads in South Carolina. Rasmussen Reports, the first firm to show Huckabee leading in Iowa, will be polling again in that state next week.

One last thing that these polls note which I think is significant. Romney made his JFK speech this week, and I know why, but I don’t I think it’s going to help him. See, not only is Huckabee destroying him when it comes to evangelicals, but Giuliani is too.

Yes, Giuliani, the guy who cheated on his second wife and is for abortion rights and civil unions. Evangelicals choose him 16% of the time in Michigan, while Romney only garners 6% of their support.

Seems like it may not be his faith. Seems like it may just be his personality. There’s something about Romney that evangelicals just don’t seem to trust.

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