Wonder why Paul is having problems gaining traction in the GOP while Huckabee is surging?

Wonder no more…

If Ron Paul’s supporters got together for a family portrait, it would be one of those pictures in which no one seems to resemble anyone else.

“You have old-school Republicans, the conservatives who backed Barry Goldwater (in 1964). You have the anti-war crowd who are principled non-interventionists,” said Jim Forsythe, a former Air Force major who’s organized meet-and-greet sessions in New Hampshire for the Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate.

You also have businessmen tired of government regulation, college students who like his views on holistic medicine and middle-aged folks who don’t see Social Security helping them in a few years. There are people who supported Democrat Howard Dean four years ago and others who backed conservative Republican Pat Buchanan in the 1990s.

What brings them together is a common belief that government is too big, obtrusive and unresponsive.

“It’s a desire to get government out of my life. That’s it,” said Rick Grote, a pharmacist in Hampton, Iowa.

Folks, he’s a message candidate, and as such he’s going to attract a very wide range of people. Hell, even I’m intrigued by his ideas.

You know who also had a diverse base of support?

Ross Perot…

A detailed analysis of the voting demographics revealed that Perot’s support drew heavily from across the political spectrum, with 20% of his votes coming from self-described liberals, 27% from self-described conservatives, and 53% coming from self-described moderates. Economically, however, the majority of Perot voters (57%) were middle class, earning between $15,000 and $49,000 annually, with the bulk of the remainder drawing from the upper middle class (29% earning over $50,000 annually).

Food for thought…

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