That’s the scoop from E&P:

NEW YORK A new Gallup Poll finds that better than one in six Americans, including similar numbers of Republicans and Democrats, indicate they would not support their party’s nominee for president if that person were a Mormon.

The poll was conducted from Dec. 6 to 9, immediately following the major speech by Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney, in which he addressed voter concern about his Mormon religion. The percentage of Republicans who now rule out voting for a Mormon, 18%, is just one point lower than it was in March.

If 18% of the population won’t vote for a Mormon, what about other distinctions?

Gallup observes: “Four percent of Americans (including 3% of Republicans) say they would not vote for a Catholic, 5% would not vote for a black, 12% would not vote for a woman, and 12% would not vote for a Hispanic.”

So then, if you’re running for President it’s better to be catholic than black, but better to be black than hispanic or female. Huh.

The disparity between those who would not vote for blacks and those who would note vote for women is particularly surprising. Because we consistently hear whispers here and there that the nation isn’t ready for a black President. Well, apparently they’re 7% more ready for a black President than a female President.

What all this ultimately tells me is that maybe there’s hope for John Edwards after all.

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