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Can John Edwards Surprise?


With all the back and forth between Barack and Hillary, is John Edwards in a perfect position to capture Iowa?

I think yes. Here’s why…

Because voters like him…

JOHNSTON, Iowa (CNN) — In interviews conducted immediately after Thursday’s Des Moines Register debate, most of the 23 undecided Democratic voters surveyed said they thought former Sen. John Edwards came out on top and said he would get their vote if the election were held today.

Some of the 14 women and 9 men said they were swayed by Thursday’s debate: two said they decided to support Clinton, two said they decided to back Edwards, and one said she was going to vote for Obama.

He’d destroy the GOP candidates in a national election:…

On the Democratic side, Edwards performs best against each of the leading Republicans. In addition to beating Huckabee by 25 percent and McCain by 8 percent, the North Carolina Democrat beats Romney by 22 percentage points (59 percent to 37 percent) and Giuliani by 9 percentage points (53 percent to 44 percent).

Also, the word in Iowa is that he has the best ground game. Not surprising since he’s done this before and came in a surprise second last time, ahead of Howard Dean.

So, could he ride a win in Iowa to a win in New Hampshire? Maybe. I can definitely see him scoring the top spot in South Carolina if Hillary comes in 3rd in Iowa, but not New Hampshire. That is most likely going to go to Barack if Hillary bobbles. But after SC, he has to face the reality of two tough competitors with enough money to keep them competitive through Super Tuesday.

Still, could it be John Edwards tapping Barack Obama as a VP candidate?

Interesting times ahead…