It’s 11:45 CST and here are the numbers…

Looks like it’ll be hard to break the record, but it definitely looks like the Paulites are on track to break the $4.2 million day they had in November.

And from Wolf Blitzer this morning about 3rd party chances:

Wolf Blitzer:
“What is the chance that you will run as an independent third party candidate?”

Ron Paul:
“Pretty slim, I have no intention, no plans. The system is biased against third parties and independent runs. It isn’t a very democratic process. You run as an independent you cannot get into the debates, it is hard to get on ballots. I’d like to see the promotion of democracy here in this country. We deserve a little bit of improvement here.”

Wolf Blitzer:
“I want to hear the words “zero chance”, but you say “pretty slim””

Ron Paul:
“99.99 percent, I don’t like saying absolutes. But I have no plans and no intentions to do anything outside of the Republican Primary”

So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

Looks like he could actually have a $5,500,000 day if this pace keeps up. Very heavy giving in the past few hours. He may just hit $6,000,000 yet.

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