Republicans are becoming increasingly worried that the primary season won’t pick a clear winner.

From the Wash Times:

The wide-open Republican presidential field has party officials and strategists excited about the prospect of the rarest of political spectacles: a contested presidential nominating convention.

“As late as it is in this election cycle, no candidate in our party has moved enough to be assured of the nomination, and the models I look at suggest a serious possibility we could have a brokered convention,” said Republican National Committee Treasurer Timothy J. Morgan.

This year, none of the Republican candidates has won the hearts and minds of a significant chunk of likely Republican voters, even though less than a month remains before the first contests. And this time around, some of the big states follow earlier than ever, which could prevent a candidate from gathering the kind of momentum that has overwhelmed opponents in past years.

Personally, I think this could help the GOP. Finally, some genuine drama and excitement.

John Zogby agrees…

“Ironically, because Republicans have a chance of winning in 2008, a brokered Republican nominating convention could actually put a premium on having party leaders select someone who can win in November,” Mr. Zogby said.

However, Zogby says that he thinks it may be somebody not in the current field? Does he mean Ron Paul?

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