Because he’s not a true fiscal conservative? Because he talks about the Christian God too much? Because he’s not too versed in the ways of foreign policy?

And yet they liked and still like Bush?

From Rod Dreher:

They’re panicking because a) Huckabee is a wild card who could lose massively in the general election; b) Huckabee doesn’t owe any of them anything; and c) Huckabee’s rise shows how badly, perhaps irretrievably, the fusionist settlement (uniting social and economic conservatives) has broken down, leaving the GOP in a shambles.

It’s funny, but when it looked like Rudy Giuliani, a social liberal, was going to be the nominee, we didn’t see many, if any, establishment Republican opinion leaders freaking out over what kind of danger to the future of the party and the nation he represented, even though as Ross points out, Giuliani hasn’t exactly been deep on policy (I had to research Giuliani for our Dallas Morning News editorial board debate on which candidate to endorse, and I was genuinely startled by how vague he was on many things). I think it’s fair to say that it was assumed that Giuliani would be a sound representative of the Republican Party, and that the social and religious conservatives would do like they always do and get in line. Pat Robertson sure did.

Rod goes on to mention the Bush paradox as well, and I think that’s significant. Because what Huckabee is Bush pretended to be: a compassionate conservative. And yet back in the day Bush was talking a lot like Huckabee, although he definitely didn’t talk about saving the environment. That’s an attempt by Huckabee to make the crunchy conservatives don’t leave the party.

I suppose some people don’t like him because of things like this…

Shrewd political move? Yes. Genuine holiday greeting? Yes. A reason for right wingers to vote Democratic? Ehhh…

I think it all boils down to foreign policy and potentially nominating somebody who they feel looks like a rube. Apparently, Romney looks more presidential.

I’ll be following this story more closely in the coming week or so, so if you have any stories from right wing bloggers where they talk about their intense dislike of Huckabee, please share them in the comments section.

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