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30% Want A Third Party


This is actually good news for Obama because his message of “we need a culture change in Washington” seems to be in the collective zeitgeist right now.

From WSJ:

In new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 46% plurality calls for “major reforms and a brand new and different approach” in government. “The mood is for more than small incremental changes,” says Democrat Peter Hart, who conducts WSJ/NBC surveys with Republican counterpart Bill McInturff.

Three in 10 respondents say the two-party system is “seriously broken and the country needs a third party.” In three-way matchup with Giuliani and Clinton, maverick Republican Ron Paul draws 9%, slightly less than Pat Buchanan and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in earlier WSJ/NBC surveys.

No surprises there, but what about a matchup between Obama and McCain? Would Paul still pull 9% or more? Something to consider is that a lot of people still haven’t heard Paul’s freedom message, so there’s potential for growth.

Still, would it be enough to build a 3rd party around?