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Hillary And Romney Coming Back In Iowa?


Recently, Barack and Hillary were tied and Huckabee led Romney. Well, things have changed, at least according to one poll.

From CNN:

In the new ARG survey, conducted December 20-23, she leads the Illinois senator by 15 percentage points, 34 to 19 percent. Obama is now in a statistical tie for second place with John Edwards, who has 20 percent of the vote. […]

As Hillary Clinton appears to be breaking away from the pack, the Republican race may be tightening up: just a few days after Mike Huckabee appeared to lead Mitt Romney by an 11-point margin among likely Republican caucus goers, the two are back in a statistical tie, 23 to 21 percent. John McCain has 17 percent of the vote, Rudy Giuliani has 14 percent — and Ron Paul has 10 percent in the latest poll, up from 4 percent last week.

So what’s causing this? In short, men. They’re coming back to both in a big swing. Maybe it’s the foreign policy experience.

Whatever it is, I bet Huckabee and Obama wish they knew.

I fixed the CNN link and I think what happened is CNN changed the title of the post a day after they posted it, thereby changing the timestamp. So instead of it being 12/24 in the url string, it was 12/25.

Tsk, tsk CNN editors…you should know better!