In poll after poll, voters are saying they want new ideas as opposed to experience.

From Bloomberg:

If the desire for dramatic change is on voters’ minds over the next 11 days in Iowa and New Hampshire, Obama enjoys real advantages.

Democrats in both states say the need for new ideas is more important than experience. In Iowa, the margin is 42 percent to 29 percent; in New Hampshire, it is 48 percent to 27 percent.

”We just need some new ideas,” says Donald Holbrooke, 65, a poll respondent who lives in Swanzee, New Hampshire, and plans to vote for Obama. ”We need new blood in there.”

If Hillary wins in Iowa, Obama still may have a shot at taking New Hampshire. If he does that, it could catapult him. If Hillary wins New Hampshire, Obama will have to pull something pretty amazing out of his bag o’ tricks.

Still, this is a change election…

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