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McCain Attacks Romney With His Own Words


Question for Republicans…since your party painted John Kerry as such a flip flopper in 2004, do you really think it’s wise to nominate Romney? Because ads like the following will no doubt pop up time and time again in the general election.

And isn’t it interesting the ad was created by some media consultants who left McCain for Romney?

Here’s the lowdown on that from Slate:

Stuart Stevens and Russ Schriefer are veterans of the Bush campaign, which so effectively used John Kerry’s words against him. They moved from Bush to McCain, but left and moved to Romney after the McCain operation imploded. When they were McCain guys, though, they helped put together this ad and pushed for running it, according to McCain aides and advisers. “Russ and Stuart were very animated in several meetings about attacking Romney,” says a McCain ally.

I bet they were. And then things started to get scary and they fled. Understandable, but I wonder if they’re reconsidering their decision…