I doubt he’ll run out of money, but the following says a lot about his inability to gain true front runner status.

From The Huffington Post:

From a purely business point of view the past four weeks have marked an extraordinary setback for the Romney campaign.

Since January 1, 2007, the former Massachusetts governor has spent well in excess of $80 million, including at least $17.4 million of his own money, paying media fees in excess of $30 million, salaries of roughly $16 million, and consulting payments of more than $15 million.

Among Romney’s costly innovations this year has been putting more than 80 local conservative leaders in key states on his campaign payroll, in what amounts to a 21st Century revival of “walk-around money.”

And as the author points out, Romney got slapped around by the New Hampshire Union Leader when they published a scathing anti-endorsement against him on December 26. Trust me, it’s brutal.

So regardless of the image Romney has tried to portray, people think the guy is a poseur. And that’s enough to send conservative voters running for the hills…or Mike Huckabee.

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