What Huckabee pulled today was not only hilariously and woefully transparent, it also made him appear worse than the guy he was trying to smear.

From NY Times:

Mike Huckabee is holding a press conference right now in which he was supposed to unveil a new negative ad against arch rival Mitt Romney. But Mr. Huckabee came to the press conference and announced he’d had a change of heart and would not be broadcasting the ad after all.

But wait! It gets better.

He then broadcast it for a room crammed with reporters, photographers and television cameras. The assembled media found the display hilarious and at several points laughed out loud.

Here’s the video:

From watching the video, I get what he was saying and he says it sincerely, but come on Huck…you’re smarter than that!

Maybe Ed Rollins has lost his touch after all.

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