Once the party’s whipping boy, could he now be the GOP’s savior?

From CBS News comes news of McCain’s rise in the Granite State:

For the second time in a row today, McCain’s events were mobbed by voters and press. This morning he addressed about 500 people in a church basement – one of the largest crowds he’s had in a while.

This afternoon a VFW Hall in Merrimack was also packed to the gills for the McCain’s appearance. It was standing room only in this hall (capacity 400) with voters pouring down the stairs and out of both entrances to the building. Those left in the cold including some reporters and McCain staffers resorted to standing in the parking lot listening through open windows. Lately, after events end, people have been walking away with lawn signs and at this Merrimack event many stayed behind and watched his press conference.

Among the onlookers was the Spierer family who saw McCain in 2000 but brought their daughter for the first time.

Mrs. Spierer is a registered Democrat but wishes she could vote for McCain, “because he has the clarity, the consistency, the strength. Even if I don’t agree 100 percent with everything he has to say I can trust him.”

There are a lot of Democrats who feel that way, me included. And for that reason alone, the GOP should take a hard look at making him their nominee…well, that is if they want to win. If not, go with Romney or Huckabee.

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