That’s the number I’m seeing at, so I’m pretty sure it’s accurate. Truly impressive.

Here’s more from WSJ:

To be sure, other Republican candidates hadn’t disclosed their fourth-quarter fund-raising figures as of yesterday. But to date, only former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has issued a better three-month report, and just once: $20.8 million in the first quarter, not counting loans the former venture capitalist made to his campaign.

Mr. Paul’s fund-raising performance is all the more remarkable because his bid for the Republican nomination remains such a long shot. An advocate of small government who opposes American participation in most international organizations and treaties, and who would leave questions like abortion up to the states, Mr. Paul registers in single digits in polls nationally and in the key early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. His fourth-quarter fund-raising figures represent a remarkable acceleration; for the first three quarters of this year combined, he raised just $8.2 million. […]

Mr. Paul’s total is all the more impressive because, unlike other candidates, few of his donors are giving the maximum $2,300 check. About 90 percent of Mr. Paul’s contributions come through online donations that average $100 per donor, said his spokesman, Jesse Benton. “We have powerful grassroots support,” he said. “It shows how hungry people are for real change.”

Be proud Paulites. You’ve done one hell of a job. I wish you luck in the coming weeks.

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