I repeat, he is NOT a Muslim.

He also didn’t attend a madrassa while he was in Indonesia.

The reason I bring this up is my grandfather told me over the holidays that he wouldn’t vote for Barack because he’s a Muslim. I asked him where he heard this from and he told me some friends told him. I proceeded to tell him that it was 100% false. He didn’t really have much to say after that, but I could tell he was probably holding onto the idea that this “inside” information was still somehow true.

No big deal, right? Just one guy. Well…

Then I read this article from TNR today and I had to post something:

One unexpected thing happened at the Clinton event I described below: I chatted with a woman from nearly Millersburg, who looked to be in her late sixties, and who plans to caucus. […]

She said there was a lot of debate and indecision, and that people have concerns about each candidates’ particular weaknesses. Specifically, she said some people are “worried” about Obama’s race, and whether it might make him unelectable. She continued:

“That, and the fact that he’s a Muslim,” she said, without a trace of irony or guile. “That’s where we got all our problems from.”

“Do you really believe it’s a fact that he’s a Muslim?” I asked. “Because it’s not true.”

“Well, that’s what I’ve heard,” she replied, seemingly unfazed.

Are Democrats really ignorant enough to believe this? Anybody have any stories they can share about Dems saying this as if it were fact?

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