So says Bloggasm:

It has long been understood that the largest liberal blogs have generally produced more web traffic than the largest conservative blogs. But I have noticed a general trend over the past few months that I didn’t want to write about until the end of the year. After surveying the traffic stats of many major political blogs, I found that web traffic for several major liberal blogs either declined sharply or stayed the same while major conservative blogs saw a sharp increase in traffic.

He speculates that it may be the Long Tail effect, where readership is spreading out to smaller blogs. Personally, I think that’s unlikely because who’s going to trade more news for less? No, I think this means people are just reading liberal blogs a little less. Also, a lot of conservative blogs have recently relaunched with updated formats that are a lot more contemporary than their liberal counterparts…Hot Air and Michelle Malkin being the top two. Friendlier format usually translates into more readers.

So what about moderate blogs? Well, I can tell you that our traffic is definitely up this year, and the last six months have been much more than the first six. Some of this can be attributed to an election year, some of it is Ron Paul traffic and some of it is the fact that Google News really likes us. However, I don’t think people are really seeking out blogs as their go-to, first-in-the-morning news sources. We’re still a bit of an oddity, but as news organizations mix our content in with theirs, we’ll all collectively see an uptick in the number of readers.

In any event, food for thought.

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