I wonder what they’d say if you asked them about their own state?

From AP:

According to national survey conducted for The Associated Press and Yahoo News, just over half of all voters said New Hampshire and Iowa have an extraordinary amount of influence over who wins the two nominations.

“They have way too much — WAY too much — say,” said Kevin Thomas of Tacoma, Wash. “California’s a big state and they don’t have any say, and Iowa’s not even half the size of California. It really makes me as a voter wonder what’s going on.”

Fewer than one in five voters said they favor the current system that allows Iowa and New Hampshire to hold the first contests, while nearly 80 percent would rather see other states get their chance at the front of the line.

Umm, paging all politicians…potential populist issue staright ahead…

So yes, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s voicing concern about this remarkably undemocratic fixed system. We need some sort of random lottery that picks sections of the country so candidates can focus on a few states at a time. That would help America pick the nominee instead of less than 1% of likely voters.

And lest we forget the most important reason why we need to change states that represent the true diversity of our nation…

Iowa — population 3 million — is 95 percent white; New Hampshire — population 1.3 million — is 96 percent white.

Just in case you’re wondering, white non-hispanics make up approximately 66% of the population.

Yep, it’s time for a change of venue…

Politics Voters Don't Favor Iowa, New Hampshire Influence