It’s true that Iowa doesn’t always pick the eventual nominee, but for her staff to come out and dismiss Iowa as a backwater is very bad form.

From WSJ:

After pouring millions of dollars and nearly a year of effort into a win in Iowa, senior staffers for Democrat Hillary Clinton now say the state isn’t that important after all.

“The worst thing would be to over count Iowa and its importance,” said chief strategist Mark Penn, just hours after the New York senator finished in a disappointing third place, behind Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.

“Iowa doesn’t have a record of picking presidents. We’re in a strong position to move forward,” Penn told a handful of reporters on board a chartered midnight flight […]

Most people inside the Clinton camp are shrugging off Iowa all together. “Iowa is so small, it’s like a mayor’s race in a medium-sized city,” traveling press secretary Jay Carson said. “It wouldn’t be wise to put too much emphasis on it.”

Okay, then why did she put so many resources into it? Why didn’t she pull a McCain, focus some of her efforts on Iowa and then spend a TON of time in New Hampshire and South Carolina?

Long story short, this spin just doesn’t square.

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