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Where Does Ron Paul Need To Finish In New Hampshire?


I won’t beat around the bush here…he needs to place 3rd. If he has ANY shot to get the GOP nomination, that’s where he needs to be.

Why? Well, there is no state out there right now that is more tailor-made for Ron Paul’s strict constitutionalist message. None. Not Nevada, not Wyoming, not Idaho, not even Montana. It’s New Hampshire. End of story.

And a 3rd place finish here would mean he’d probably either beat Huckabee or Romney, which would be big news and would possibly steal headlines from McCain, who will very likely take the top spot.

My guess, though, is that it will be McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Thompson and then Paul. Yep, 5th again. Sure, he’ll beat Giuliani, but that’s not too difficult when Rudy has ignored the state for larger ones later in the primary cycle.

So, after the reality of Iowa, what’s your realistic guess?