Wyoming caucuses?


While it’s been under the radar, the state has gotten some attention from the candidates. Sansonetti says that only three candidates have not visited the state at all: John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Rudy Giuliani. In addition to the candidate visiting twice, Romney’s wife Ann and his sons have visited. Direct mail and phone efforts have been persistent in the past week. Sansonetti said he had voice mail in the past day from representatives of Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson and Romney.

GOP officials in the state expect that the candidates who have put in the most effort in the state to walk away with delegates. Discussions with local county chairs suggest the following results, or something along these lines, would not be surprising: eight delegates for Romney, two delegates for Thompson, one delegate for Ron Paul, and one delegate for Duncan Hunter.

Hey, Duncan Hunter gets one! How about that!

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