And that’s not a good thing for his campaign.

From Washington Post:

WINDHAM, N.H., Jan. 6 — A pastor from Texas was scheduled to deliver the sermon Sunday at a church here called the Crossing.

But instead this small evangelical congregation heard from a different special guest: Baptist minister and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who delivered a sermon of more than 20 minutes on how to be part of “God’s Army” in the middle school cafeteria where the congregation meets.

“When we become believers, it’s as if we have signed up to be part of God’s Army, to be soldiers for Christ,” Huckabee told the enthusiastic audience. […]

“When you give yourself to Christ, some relationships have to go,” he said. “It’s no longer your life; you’ve signed it over.”

Likening service to God to service in the military, Huckabee said “there is suffering in the conditioning for battle” and “you obey the orders.”

As he keeps talking so stridently about God, voters are becoming increasingly wary of him as a viable candidate. Sure, he’s folksy, etc, but given our stature in the world because of our current President’s faith and its mix with our foreign policy, how does Huckabee think a message like this is playing to swing voters? Did he really have to use the words Army and soldiers?

My two cents…he’s becoming less and less electable by the day. And stories like this are a gift for Romney and McCain.

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