Double digit leads are the name of the game this week for the junior Senator.

From Rasmussen:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in South Carolina shows that Barack Obama has opened a double digit-lead over Hillary Clinton in the January 26th Primary Election. It’s Obama 42% Clinton 30%. John Edwards attracts 14% of the vote and nobody else tops 3%. […] In December, Obama and Clinton were tied at 33%. In November, Clinton had a ten-point advantage.

[…] Obama now attracts 58% of the African-American vote, up from 50% in December. Earlier in the year, Obama and Clinton split this important constituency fairly evenly. Now while Obama enjoys a 2-to-1 advantage over Clinton among African-American voters, white voters are split fairly evenly between three candidates–it’s Clinton 32%, Edwards 29%, and Obama 27%. For Obama, that reflects a 13-point improvement from the previous survey.

Iowa meant a lot, but New Hampshire could mean more if he mops the floor with the other two.

He’s poised to do just that.

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