Yeah, yeah, I know he keeps saying he won’t run, but take a look at this and tell me he isn’t hinting that if you keep sending him money, he’ll make an independent bid.

From the man himself:

For weeks rumors have swirled that Paul, who trails his opponents in national and state polls, will eventually run as an independent or libertarian candidate.

“I have no intention of doing that,” Paul told The Trail.

Asked how he’d respond if his supporters clamored for him to mount a run outside the GOP, Paul responded: “We’ll see if the supporters keep sending the money. But right now, our focus is on Feb. 5th.”

Folks, that’s the biggest window I’ve seen from Paul since he started being asked these questions. I think he was pretty miffed at being excluded from the Fox forum on Sunday and now he’s thinking that running in direct opposition to the GOP candidate may not be such a bad thing.

Just wild speculation on my part, but if his campaign is really about the message, not the man, he knows he has to mount a 3rd party bid in order to keep that message going. He knows if he starts polling in the double digits nationally that he can get into the national debates.

So, If you keep dropping money bombs in his lap, he’s much more apt to go 3rd party. The ball is in your court…

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