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Zogby: Obama Leads By 10 Points


Something big is happening because we’re talking about a 16 point swing if you look at his numbers from before Iowa to today. He now takes 39% to Hillary’s 29%.

Here’s how those numbers break down:

“This full sample is after Iowa. On the Democratic side, we have clarity and confirmation of what is being felt on the ground in New Hampshire: big momentum for Obama and movement against Clinton. As in the closing days in Iowa, Clinton is slowly losing her support among women (she leads 37% to 33%), Democrats (Obama leads 36% to 32%), and Liberals (Obama leads 34% to 32%). Obama leads among Independents (47% to 22%), men (45% to 21% for Edwards and 18% for Clinton), and 18-29 year olds (47% to 22%). Obama also leads Clinton among all voters under age 65, Moderates (by a 45% to 25% margin), and among voters in union households (40% to 22%).

24 hours to go.