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Zogby: Obama Pulling Further Away


He’s now at 42%

Hillary and Kucinich stayed steady at 29% and 2% respectively, while Edwards is now at 17%, down from 19%. This basically spells doom for him I think. Richardson has also lost a point, going from 5% to 6%, so I don’t know if he’s really going to want to stick around until the next debate or not, but maybe he’s sticking in there because he thinks he’s siphoning support from Hillary? Who knows.

Here are Zogby’s thoughts:

“Obama’s margin over Clinton has opened up. He leads among all groups except women and voters over 65. In a development that could prove significant in later closed-primary states, Obama has pulled ahead among Democrats 40% to 34% — as he did in Iowa in the closing hours.”

More as it develops.