If Obama gets the nomination, will he simply destroy the Republican candidate?

The reason I ask is because I’m reading stuff from all these hardcore Republicans about how they’re being moved to tears by his speeches. It is literally unbelievable, but there it is nonetheless.

Check out what conservative stalwart Bill Bennett is saying:

“There’s clearly a matter of heart going on here,” Bennett says after his morning radio show. “He’s a cool guy, a handsome guy, has a fabulous voice. A leading Democratic candidate, a black man in America, and he does not talk about race, does not play the race card. It appeals to the better angels of all our natures.”

And from the more moderate Joe Scarborough:

“I get e-mails from Republicans, who’ve never voted for a Democrat before, saying they were tearing up during his Iowa speech,” he says from New Hampshire. “I don’t think they’re being calculated and cynical. This is so damn great for America.”

Even those getting shots in at him, still end up praising him…

[…] even as a “self-absorbed” Obama spouts “airy cliches,” [National Review columnist Rich] Lowry says, he found himself standing on tiptoe at a recent Obama speech. “It’s really something magical,” he says. “You’re almost not an American if you don’t feel stirred by what his victory would represent symbolically. Here’s a guy who 50 years ago couldn’t have gone in certain restrooms and motels.”

And there it is. Race. That’s what the hell is going on.

But what makes it truly special and unique is that it’s race without race. Obama is smart enough to know that people aren’t color blind and they see that he’s a black man. But what he’s saying is let’s come together and forge forward together as a unified country, free from the demonization and anger of the past. And honestly folks, only a person of color can do that.

And so the tears. And so the hope. And so the unity.

At least that’s my guess.

What’s yours?

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