From The Dallas Morning News:

Curious about the “wildly inaccurate” polls that put Mr. Obama in a double-digit lead going into Tuesday’s primary, blogger Brad Friedman, a Los Angeles-based election-fraud watchdog, questioned the results as soon as they arrived, and all day Wednesday.

“Other folks that I’ve spoken to, who follow this sort of thing, share my concern at this hour,” he wrote on “If I was Barack Obama, I’d certainly not have conceded this election this quickly. I’m not quite sure what he was thinking.”

Brad, he was thinking that he lost by 3% and there are 48 other states. Not everything is a conspiracy and even Zogby said that the polling from Sunday to Monday was REALLY good for Hillary. Sure, you didn’t know this at the time, but how about waiting until you see some facts before you.

Some Ron Paul supporters were crying foul as well, but in that isolated case they had legitimate concern:

It wasn’t just on the Democratic side: Supporters of Texas Republican U.S. Rep. Ron Paul were pointing to discrepancies in at least one town, where dozens of votes cast were initially counted as zero – before an elections official corrected the error. Mr. Paul’s campaign did not return calls seeking comment.

Done and done. Onto South Carolina and Nevada.

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