First off, thanks to DeMarCaTionVille for reminding me that I called this controversy back in August 2007…

To me, his explanation doesn’t really hold up to close scrutiny, because it wasn’t just one or two times questionable stuff got out there. In short, those newsletters are a timebomb waiting to explode. […]

Also, if Paul won’t release the newsletters, well, that’s going to be a big PR problem for his camp. Hell, Howard Dean wouldn’t release his records as Governor because he was protecting the identity of people who wrote him personally. At least that was justified. Not releasing newsletters he sold subscriptions to is not only odd, it looks like he’s genuinely trying to hide something.

Again, your opponents will be able to bury your campaign with this issue alone.

Take heed.

However, the story is growing because Polimom uncovers this pretty damning nugget within one of the newsletters…

“Send your check for $24.95 to our Houston office, or charge the tape to your credit card at 1-800-RON-PAUL.”

This is starting smell again folks, and I’m not trusting Paul’s explanation anymore. As anybody knows who reads this blog, I’m more than willing to give Paul the benefit of the doubt, but what kind of guy allows somebody else to create a 1-800 number without his permission? How could he just let this go on? At best, it’s gross ignorance and for that reason alone he doesn’t deserve the Oval Office.

Time to separate the message from the man…

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