Basically, she says the process disenfranchises voters. Well, then why wasn’t she saying the same thing in Iowa?

From ABC:

With the Nevada caucuses approaching on Jan. 19, Sen. Hillary Clinton reflected upon her defeat in the Iowa caucuses at an appearance in Las Vegas’ District 11, a lower-income and predominately Hispanic part of town, suggesting caucuses cause a “disenfranchisement” of voters and perhaps lowering expectations for her campaign in Nevada.

“You have a limited period of time on one day to have your voices heard,” Clinton, D-N.Y., said. “That is troubling to me. You know in a situation of a caucus, people who work during that time — they’re disenfranchised. People who can’t be in the state or who are in the military, like the son of the woman who was here who is serving in the Air Force, they cannot be present.”

Listen, I’m not a big fan of caucuses, but I do like consistency and this is pretty weak political posturing from Hillary.

Should we be surprised? No. But at least we’re aware of the tired tactics she’s using to lower expectations.

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