When a popular, moderate female governor from a key swing state endorses somebody other than Hillary Clinton, you know there’s a movement inside the Democratic establishment to get rid of the old ways in favor of the new.

From AP:

Napolitano is the most prominent Democrat in Arizona and her endorsement could be significant in a state now regarded as winnable by a Democratic presidential candidate after decades as a near-lock for Republicans. The state holds its primary on Feb. 5.

Napolitano, 50, was elected governor in 2002 and re-elected in 2006. She previously was U.S. attorney for Arizona during most of the Clinton administration and then served a four-year term as the elected state attorney general.

She is regarded as a possible candidate in 2010 for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Republican John McCain, though she has been mentioned as a possible candidate for vice president or for a Cabinet post in a Democratic administration.

She was mentioned in early speculation as a possible running mate for Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004 and made a prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention.

What’s more telling in this post New Hampshire world is Hillary has been unable to secure any high profile endorsements. Obama keeps racking them up.

Perhaps she’s just biding her time?

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