After placing well back in the pack in New Hampshire and this latest newsletter fiasco, it’s certain he’s done for when we’re talking about the GOP nomination. Let just face the facts Paulites. It’s not his year and it’s not going to happen.

But I have noticed a lot of the buzz out there is centering around the idea that this campaign isn’t about Ron Paul, it’s about the ideas he’s talking about. Okay, fair enough. So what will you do to further those ideas? Because right now the messenger is Ron Paul, and once he ends his bid for the nomination, well, what then?

And so now we come back to the notion of him running on a 3rd party ticket. Because that’s it. That’s the only way he’s going to be able to keep those ideas in the public forum. I’m sure he could draw 10% or so in national polls if he launched an independent bid. And it’s looking more and more unlikely that Bloomberg will run as an independent candidate.

March 5th is coming up soon. That’s the day when he could begin to mount a new campaign centered around his “freedom” platform. And you could keep him going with your moneybombs. Because he wouldn’t be beholden to trying to win primaries at that point. He could run a national campaign and harness the energy and enthusiasm you’ve built through Meetup and Facebook and MySpace, etc.

In the end, decision time is coming quickly so you all better have a plan B. Because Plan A is dead.

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