I know the Ron Paul supporters really wanted this, and I honest don’t really think we’re going to find out anything new, but this is the transparency of democracy in action. For that reason alone I’m glad to see this is happening.

From Huff Post:

The recounts will begin on January 16, at a time and location to be announced after the state has completed an estimate of the cost and received payment based on that estimate. […]

ChecktheVotes is one of the websites that sprung up last week, parsing the primary numbers, specifically the difference between the hand-counted and machine-counted votes (the site, created by a Ron Paul supporter, was originally called www.ronrox.com, but the name was changed once it began to receive thousands of visitors). Using numbers from Politico, the site compares the percentage of the overall vote a candidate received by machine counts vs. the percentage received from hand counts. For example, according to the numbers on the site, John McCain received 36.419% of the total votes counted by machine and 39.303% of the total votes counted by hand. This results in a presumed “loss” of 2.884% of the from the machine count. […]

The question, though, is whether these differences mean anything. Is there any reason why the hand-count and the machine count should be exactly the same? The large towns in New Hampshire generally use the AccuVote machine, while the small towns use hand-counts. It would seem that voters in small towns and voters in large towns might have very different concerns, with candidates that appeal in large population centers failing in small towns. Look at the Romney example. Romney did better overall with the machine count vote than he did with the hand count. Was that due to someone hacking the vote in Romney’s favor? Did the majority of the machines suffer malfunctions that gave him extra votes? Or was it more about the candidate and the demographics? It’s not a huge leap to think that Romney’s big business image just didn’t play well in small towns, leading to his poor results in the hand counts.

But to all the Ron Paul supporters, once this recount is done will you be okay with the results? I’d like to hear an answer now, so if they come back with pretty much the same numbers, we don’t keep hearing the same conspiracy stuff.


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