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How Do You Make Sense Of Robert Johnson?


Anybody know who Robert Johnson is? If you’ve been following the news recently, you’ve probably heard he’s the guy who suggested that while Bill and Hillary Clinton were helping the nation, Obama was off taking drugs. He’s also the founder of BET, which made him a billionaire when he sold it to Viacom in 2000.

So let’s take a look at that statement he made…

As the video suggests, Johnson then tried to convince people that he was talking about Obama’s community organizing.

Yeah, okay…

Another important thing to remember here is that Johnson’s completely dishonest “clarification” was sent VIA the Clinton campaign. Don’t let that fact get lost in the shuffle because it’s an important one and I’ll discuss its significance soon enough.

But first, let’s move onto a quote from Johnson today…

“We’ve always said we need a perfect, well-spoken, Harvard-educated black candidate who would prove we’ve transcended race,” the billionaire African American businessman and supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) said in an interview yesterday. “Well, now we’ve got him and nobody knows how to campaign against him.”

Hahahahaha. Is this guy serious? Because he’s basically saying that we’ve always needed a guy like Barack Obama, but because he has been financially supporting the Clintons for two decades now, he can’t reinvest in somebody who may be better for the country as a whole. In fact, he’s now trying to destroy Barack because he had the gall to be honest in a book about his past indiscretions. And do note since Robert Johnson is the founder of BET, he has made his billions in large part by promoting and glorifying negative racial stereotypes. That is his legacy.

Also, back to his ties with the Clinton camp, this is a PERFECT example of the Clintons being beholden to special interests. Most anybody who sees the video clip above knows what Johnson is inferring, but his money buys him enough clout to cajole the Clinton camp into sending out a clarification that everybody knows is false.

That’s the kind of power big money has over the Clintons and that’s what we’ll get if Hillary is nominated.