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Last Michigan Poll Shows Dead Heat For Republicans


Romney may pull out a win yet. McCain only leads him in this latest poll by 1%, 31% to 30%.

ARG has some details:

Mitt Romney leads John McCain 33% to 30% among Republicans, while McCain leads Mike Huckabee among independents (and Democrats) 37% to 21%, with 16% for Romney. Romney leads McCain 45% to 33% among “absent” voters.

Mitt needs the win BADLY. If he can’t win in the state where his father went from rags to riches and eventually became Governor, he is done for. And frankly, I think he should have to win it by a large margin, not merely eek out a win. But that’s just me. People still don’t like McCain and would love to see Romney upset his apple cart.

So why no news about the Democrats’ primary? Because it has been disowned by the DNC and won’t count. Still, Hillary kept her name on the ballots there. I wonder if she’ll claim victory tonight.