Looks like he’ll pull 39% to McCain’s 30%. Huckabee pulled in a relatively strong 3rd at 16% considering the lack of evangelical support in Michigan. Ron Paul is pulling in 4th right now with 6%, with Thompson running a close 5th with 4%.

From The Detriot News:

Mitt Romney won a crucial victory in Tuesday’s Michigan Republican presidential primary, defeating John McCain and Mike Huckabee with a message of optimism for the state’s ailing economy.

With 39 percent of precincts counted, Romney — the Oakland County-reared son of a popular Michigan governor — lead McCain by a margin of 39 percent to 30. Mike Huckabee had 15 percent. The Associated Press declared Romney the winner at 9 p.m., just as polls were closing in the western Upper Peninsula.

“Tonight is a win for optimist over Washington-style pessimism,” Romney told a cheering crowd at a Southfield hotel where he had awaited the results.

Kudos to the Romney team for pulling this one out. If McCain had won, I really do think it would have been curtains for Mitt. Now the race has become even MORE uncertain and that could play in Mitt’s favor since he has somehow convinced a lot of Republican voters that he’s the true conservative in the race. Especially since Fred Thompson has been running so hot and cold lately.

The biggest question now is when will Romney’s money start running out. Because by some estimates, he has spent upwards of $40 million of his own money on the campaign so far. And if this contest continues in the same manner and these candidates keep splitting up the delegates can Romney spend his way to a brokered convention?

On to South Carolina…

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