So it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the Clintons are using surrogates in what is shaping up to be a consistent “Obama did drugs” reminder campaign.

Understandably, this has infuriated a lot of black leaders. One very notable leader in particular.

I’m on the radio this morning. For the last thirty minutes, I’ve been talking about the Clinton v. Obama race war. This isn’t a new topic, but something very interesting happened.

Mayor C. Jack Ellis, the recently term limited out of office Mayor of Macon, GA, called in[to] the show. Mayor Ellis was the first black mayor of this racially charged city. And he is hopping mad at the Clintons. So mad, in fact, he’s off to South Carolina to help organize the vote for Barack Obama. […]

Mayor Ellis also turned on Bob Johnson, the former head and founder of Black Entertainment Television (“BET”). As the mayor pointed out, Bob Johnson ran “some of the most disgusting music videos” and things on television, polluting the African-American community. Then, according to the mayor, he sold it off to CBS after corrupting the community.

Indeed. Robert Johnson made his billions at the expense of his community’s cultural credibility, and the Clintons gladly took his money. Hillary’s campaign can blame Johnson all they want for his own remarks, but they’ve been in bed with him for years. They know this guy, they know what he has done, but they put him on the campaign trail anyway.

And folks, this is no fluke. This type of thing doesn’t happen multiple times without somebody behind the scenes giving the messengers a nudge, nudge, wink, wink. These are the Clintons and they know how to control the message.

This is yet another reason why I’m finding it nearly impossible to support Hillary if she gets the nomination. And my gut tells me that more and more Democrats are thinking the exact same thing.

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