Since I have a background in public relations and marketing, the following explanation as to why the Department of Justice can’t put Talking Points Memo back on their press release list is especially funny.

From Balloon Juice:

Mr. Berger,
I appreciated your desire to be in tune with DOJ press releases, however, unfortunately I am not able to add you to our distribution list. As you may realize we have a lot of requests to be put on our media lists and we simply are not able to put everyone on the list. We do however have all our press releases on our website and update them the minute they are released so I would suggest looking there. You can also always call us with press inquiries. Thanks again for your interest.


Jamie Hais
Press Assistant
Office of Public Affairs
Department of Justice

“Nope. We just don’t have the time to add you to the list. We do have time to write this carefully worded note to you via email, but not enough time to copy and paste that email address into our press release distribution list.”

I’m sorry, but don’t these people work for us?

But hey, since they suggested we call them with press inquires, here’s the number for the Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000. In particular, maybe you could get an interview with somebody and ask them why they are too busy to put email addresses on a distribution list, but have enough time to answer phone calls.

And you should probably ask for Jamie Hais by name since he/she seems so helpful. And remember that he/she works in the Office of Public Affairs.

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