Obama does not, however, praise his policies.

Here’s the video:

Note to liberal blogosphere, what Obama wants to be is the “liberal” Reagan. On election night 2008 he wants to hear how “Obama Republicans” gave him a decisive victory over the Repubilcan nominee. That way he can get the nation behind ideas like universal health care, middle class economic stimulus and getting out of Iraq. Because consensus building is the way liberalism will be more readily accepted in the halls of Washington.

Here’s more about Obama’s ability to be a transformative steward for liberal ideals:

But at a moment in history when Americans are war-weary and eager for change, the optimistic, fresh-faced Obama should at the very least be considered a formidable candidate. To those who care about limiting the size and scope of government, the threat of Obama goes deeper than his potential to capture the presidency. In the Illinois senator, Democrats may have finally found a political figure capable not only of winning an election, but of advancing liberalism.

Skeptical conservatives would be wise to heed the words of Kirk Dillard, the Republican minority whip of the Illinois state senate, who worked with Obama for eight years in the legislature. “Obama can be to liberalism what Ronald Reagan was to conservatism, and that’s a friendly face or likable personality that can move the country left,” Dillard told me.

But yeah, take Obama to task for trying to build bridges and pull more people into the party. That strategy will get you exactly what you want, more partisan backbiting. More and more, I really think that’s what you want. After all, it’s good for the blog business…

(h/t: Reason)

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