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McCain Projected To Win South Carolina


It’s still close to call, but Huckabee probably won’t be able to close the 34% to 30% gap.

The story out of all of this? Two front runners have emerged: Romney and McCain. They better pick McCain if they want to have any hopes of winning the general election. The Dems would destroy the empty suit that is Mitt Romney, but how to attack John McCain? You can’t really. It would mostly be a battle of competing philosophies at that point, and McCain can run as the experience candidate.

So if the Dems pick Hillary and McCain gets the nomination, her experience campaign could really backfire on her. In fact, I bet she’d change the tone to talk about change instead of experience. If the Dems pick Barack, it’ll be his message of hope/change against McCain’s experience/straight-talking. Either contest would be close, but McCain would definitely have an uphill battle to convince people to trust Republicans again with the spectre of 8 years of George W. Bush looming in everybody’s memory.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…