For all intents and purposes, the top tier Republicans weren’t really running that hard against Romney in Nevada so he mopped the floor with everybody. On the other hand, Hillary and Obama were running pretty hard in the state.

So what explains these numbers?

Hillary Clinton 5,317
Barack Obama 4,726
John Edwards 393

Mitt Romney 22,220
Ron Paul 5,681
John McCain 5,535
Mike Huckabee 3,450
Fred Thompson 3,333
Rudy Giuliani 1,878
Duncan Hunter 877

Ron Paul and John McCain got more votes than Hillary? Duncan Hunter got more votes than John Edwards?

Was Nevada really that unimportant for the Dems? Even with the Mormon vote pushing Romney to these massive numbers, that doesn’t explain wwhy Paul and McCain combined got more votes than all of the votes in the Dem contest.


Some people have said these were delegates numbers, not total votes. This makes A LOT more sense, but still…check out how MSNBC presents the totals…

Pretty misleading, eh?

New York Times reports that the Dem turnout was a record…

State party officials said more than 107,000 Nevada voters attended the caucuses.

Again, this makes a lot more sense.

Sorry for any confusion.

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