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Man, Paul’s behavior regarding these newsletters has been awful. His “I don’t know who wrote these” is about as slippery as a politician can get. Everyone who was around libertarianism in the early 90s knows Lew was in charge of these and knows Rothbard and his crew were into race-baiting back then. (By the way, notice that the longer Lew has been away from Rothbard’s influence, the more decent he’s become? I personally have found him very affable, and I can’t imagine him putting out material like this today. Just shows what hanging around Rothbard can do to you.)

Paul’s got a decent message, but he’s the wrong vehicle for delivering it.

Agreed. I’ve been trying to convince the Paulites of this recently, but they just don’t seem to listen. They think a 2nd place finish in Nevada will rocket him back into the public eye. Even if that proves to be true, the public eye will immediately refocus on those newsletters and dismiss him again.

And yeah, I know a lot of you are sick of me talking about the newsletters, but tough. It IS a big deal and just because some of you discussed them in a few forums last fall doesn’t mean the issue is settled. Paul knows who wrote them, and he should tell us. Because if you’re being honest with yourself, you have to question why he hasn’t told us who wrote them. Why is that? I think I have a good guess as to why, but you should dig through it all and see what you think.

So yes, there’s the question I’d like you to answer in the comments. Why hasn’t he told us who wrote the newsletters? Why did his campaign pull back on the press release they were going to send out? Any ideas?

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GET OVER IT DUDE, there is NOT ONE IOTA of a THING WRONG with DR. PAUL no matter how much you try to bring DIRT UP~ How bout Huckabee and his son the dog killer, how bout GHOULIANI and his PAID SECURITY for his mistress, or the NYFD being against him, or just simply that he is a moron. How bout MITT who flip flops more than a windsock in a hurricane! How bout 100 YEARS MCCAIN? and HIS STUPID qoute, RON PAUL the soliders have a msg for you from when i went to iraq, THEY WANT TO STAY AND WIN, all the while PAUL has gotten the most from MILITARY than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE! How bout those things that MATTER, and LEAVING ALONE something THAT RON PAUL DENIES he authored and making something IT IS NOT!~

you sicken me!

Wow, you’ve convinced me. I DO need to GET REAL and accept the fact that there is NOT ONE IOTA of a THING WRONG with DR. PAUL. How could I actually question a politician? The nerve of me!

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It’s easy to believe that Ron Paul doesn’t know who authored the newsletters. I worked in that business during that time period, and it wasn’t uncommon for publishers to put out a newsletter under someone’s name, pay that person a royalty for the use of their name, and publish a newsletter. Ron Paul really wasn’t involved in the day-to-day operations of the newsletter. He was a full-time physician and he also likely had a heavy schedule of public speaking.

He could credibly claim he just licensed his name had he been the only person from his family on the payroll, but he wasn’t. As I’ve pointed out before, but both his wife and daughter were employees of the company that put out the newsletters. Were they all too busy? And if they all truly didn’t know, then what the hell were his wife and daughter doing on the payroll? It doesn’t add up and I don’t know why you people are going so easy on a guy who is obviously lying to you.

Also, it’s not like Ron Paul was some sort of massive celebrity in the 90s. The majority of his supporters hadn’t heard about him until late 2006, early 2007. This “he was really, really busy” argument does not stand up to scrutiny.

So to those who think I’m being a troll, well, you need to quit blindly supporting a candidate just because you believe in his message. Had stuff like this come out about Howard Dean back in 2004, I would have abandoned him without hesitation. Remember, the messenger’s credibility is incredibly important when he’s carrying a message of change, and right now Paul is crippling your movement. And it is YOUR movement, not his. Take it back from him before he does any more damage.

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